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Clear Vinyl powdered disposable gloves - box of 100 - RDV-7933444GYR
Model: RDV-7933444GYR

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Type: Lightly Powdered
Material: Polyvinyl Chloride paste resin, Grade: FPC DNV2P
Design and Features Ambidextrous, beaded cuff; clear
Storage The gloves shall maintain their properties when stored in a dry condition at temperature between 10°C and 30°C Protect gloves from UV light sources, sunlight and oxidizing agents
Moisture Content Below 0.8% per glove
Shelf Life 5 years from the date of manufacture

Functional Benefits

  • Intrinsic softness reduces hand fatigue
  • Super flexibility and light weight
  • Odor free, results from special formulations and heating system


  • Easy donning due to slippery inner surface
  • Better gripping from slightly sticky outer surface

Quality Standards

  • Conforms to ASTM D5250 (00) and EN455 (00) Standards


  • Labratory, Janitorial
  • Dentistry
  • Nursing Home Care
  • Emergency Reposnce
  • Food Handling
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Patient Exam
  • Veterinarians
  • Security
  • First Aid
  • Scientific Research
Physical Dimensions
ASTM D5250(00)
Thickness-single wall (mm)
0.14 ± 0.02
0.12 ± 0.02
0.09 ± 0.02
0.05 min
0.08 min

Physcial Properties
ASTM D5250(00)
Elongation at break (%)
min 300
min 300
Tensile Strength (MPa)
Min 10
Min 9